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5 Ways to Give the Gift of Vision This Holiday Season

There are many ways to give the gift of vision this holiday season, but let’s face it – you’re busy! Who has time to find the perfect gift? You do! With the help of Vision Health Institute and the ideas listed below, you’ll receive high praises in gift-giving this year.

Some people are hard to shop for! Not only that, but limited budgets mean our gifts really need to be of value. That is why a gift of vision is a perfect present to give anyone on your list.

Here are 5 ways to give the gift of vision this holiday season:

  1. Gift Card for Eye Wear & Accessories. This is a no-brainer. If the person on your list wears glasses or contact lenses, a gift card allows them to purchase their own eyewear. Eye Care Associates offer gift cards which you select the amount. The cardholder can use it for anything in our optical department, including eyewear accessories.
  2. An Eye Exam. If you have a loved one that hasn’t had an eye exam recently, this is a perfect gift. Perhaps they need a reminder of how important it is, or simply need a “push” to get it scheduled. The recipient can then schedule an appointment, at a time convenient for them. Take it a step further and offer to drive them to their appointment (they will probably have their eyes dilated during the exam unless they choose the Optomap Imagine). This gift of vision is a great present to give to grandchildren. Young parents on a tight budget will greatly appreciate a “free” eye exam for their child!
  3. Contact Lenses & Solution. If the person on your list is a patient at Eye Care Associates, simply call us at 402-362-4592 to order contact lenses for them. As long as the gift recipient’s prescription is still current, we can fill it. We also have on record the contact lens solution that is best for them. Stock up! Contact lenses and solutions make a great stocking stuffer.
  4. Specialty Eye Protection. There are many ways to protect our eyes. Safety goggles, sunglasses, diving masks, swim goggles, computer glasses, reading glasses, lenses that help driving at night and more! Some of these items do not require a prescription. Give the gift of vision by selecting eye protection to fit the lifestyle of everyone on your list. Even some safety-rated glasses are very stylish these days, so they may be worn more than you think! Children love to get sunglasses, and it encourages them to start protecting their eyes at an early age. Adults LOVE sunglasses too, and we carry many designer brandssuch as Oakley, Ray-Ban, State, etc.

    DID YOU KNOW? Non-prescription lenses with special lens treatments like blue light protection are a great way to shield your eyes from certain lights. Fluorescent lights, computer screens, TVs, tablets and smart phones emit blue light, a high-energy wavelength of light. Blue light protection glasses used in viewing these light sources keep your eyes healthy as you age and can even help improve your sleep.

  5. Donation. There are no shortages of charities vying for your donations this time of year. If you are able to give the gift of vision to someone in need, your generosity is sure to be appreciated.  You can donate old pairs of gently used glasses at our office any time of the year.  The local Lion’s Club picks them up and donates them to people in need.