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Congratulations to some of our most recent vision therapy graduates!  These graduates put a lot of time and hard work into the vision therapy program.  They have grown self-confidence and improved at school and in life.

We are very proud of you!


Testimony:  “Hello! My name is Matthew Miller and I believe I am a pretty normal guy!

One aspect of my life that has been quite a challenge is that after my freshman year at York College, my eye health began to deteriorate. I may never know why, but I searched for 3 years to find out the cause and a possible treatment to regain a normal state of existence. My eyes seemed healthy! Any optometrist would simply see a patient who needed glasses and had an astigmatism. But my eyes were NOT right. Simple tasks became confusing. Driving became scary, even reading gave me headaches and was overwhelming. I even began experiencing objects visually “moving” even when they were stationery. I visited many optometrists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, psycho neurologists, ear-nose-&-throat doctors, etc…to no avail. A constant state of depression, stress, and anxiety built as no one was able to help me. My eyes got worse and worse and I couldn’t do anything about it! Looking back, I have estimated an amount of $20,000 in doctors’ bills has been charged to me in a pursuit of a “cure.”

I was encouraged to talk with Dr. Schneider at Eye Care Associates right here in York. I am so glad I did! The first time I spoke with Dr. Schneider I felt cared for and that I was a priority. Over an extensive 10 month period of eye therapy, my eye health has improved and in turn, I have hope for a future of lessened pain and potential peace of mind. I remember during my first appointment with Dr. Schneider she talked about how people that seek her help are usually at their “whit’s end” and have very few medical and professional options left. Boy, after years of trying to find help and finding no assistance, talking with Dr. Schneider and working with her awesome team has changed my life. It was a year ago this month that I first contacted Dr. Schneider and now I do eye therapy at home every day to keep training my eyes to work together and to support me in my endeavors. I do ½ hr of eye therapy and follow that with 20 mins of meditation and this combination has changed my life.

I don’t know where I would be today without Dr. Schneider and her team and frankly, I’m glad I’ll never know because it wouldn’t be that awesome of a place!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you Dr. Schneider and her assistant Kylee. Please understand that any type of professional or meaningful advances or successes in my near future are possible because of you! You helped me learn how to treat an issue that I had no idea how to manage or even explain! Thank you for being kind and understanding to me when frustration concerning my health got the best of me. I am grateful that you took me on as a patient and I wish I could pay you the salary you both deserve.

I encourage you to keep changing lives for the better in your professional endeavors.

To the readers of this testimony, please smile today because people in this town are growing, healing, and working together.

Peace and Blessings! ~Matthew Miller”


Testimony: “Eye therapy has really helped my daughter.  She is reading better and is able to focus longer while reading.  She is able to sound out words she doesn’t know to figure them out.  Her handwriting has improved greatly.  It’s amazing!  Overall, she has gotten more interested and excited about reading at home and at school.  Her reading scores have also improved and she is more confident in class.  While eye therapy is a commitment and hard work, I recommend it as the benefits are worth it.”

Alexa, Cora’s mom


Testimony: “Dr. Schneider & Kylee were great!  Kylee did an excellent job working with Porter.  He enjoyed coming to see her every week.  Porter tells me he no longer has a bad eye and that it’s easier for him to see.  Thank you for everything!”

Erica, Porter’s mom



Testimony:  “Our daughter just recently graduated from the Vision Therapy program at EyeCare Associates. This program has changed her life. She was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency and Accomadative Insufficiency. She was having a hard time with reading at school, homework was taking 3 hours a night to get through, and she had a hard time keeping her focus. Another issue was getting her brain to process what her eyes would see. Within 12 weeks of therapy, she was back in the normal range on the majority of how her eyes worked together. Then for the remaining 12 weeks we worked on the visual perceptual things of how her brain and eyes work together.

The confidence alone that she gained is just incredible. She went from being extremely shy and withdrawn to a talkative confident girl. She would only whisper when she talked and now she has the confidence to speak up. Her school work has improved and she is now at grade level on all areas. The homework went from 3 hours a night to 30 minutes. When her reading was retested at the end she had increased by 40 words per minute.  

She is so proud of what she accomplished by putting in the time and work. This program equipped her for so much more than just school, it equipped her for a lifetime.”


Testimony: “By the end of 4th grade, Caden was having trouble reading at his grade level and was still reversing his B’s and D’s.  I spoke with Dr. Kadavy about this and she referred him to be evaluated for vision therapy.  Dr. Schneider tested Caden and diagnosed him with Saccadic Eye Movements.  She recommended vision therapy.  Caden then started a 24 week program which consisted of weekly sessions with Kylee and daily homework.  Soon after starting, his reading improved.  By the end of his therapy, his reading level and increased from a 3.7 grade level to an 8.9 grade level.  He is no longer reversing his letters and his confidence grew.  He once hated to read and now enjoys it.  School work is easier, too.  We are so thankful to the wonderful VT team at EyeCare Associates for all you have done to improve Caden’s life!”


Testimony:  As my daughter attended eye therapy each week I noticed her reading improve.  She was able to read longer with read without fatigue.  At school her reading comprehension also improved.


Testimony: “Tierra has loved her eye therapy! She looked forward to seeing her therapist each week. At the beginning the homework was difficult for her and she didn’t have much confidence in herself. As she worked with her therapist in her sessions and worked hard on her homework at home I watched her confidence grow. She said “my eye therapy is fun and it helped me to be more confident.” After years of feeling that something was wrong with her and that she wasn’t very smart, her work in eye therapy showed her that she was indeed capable and intelligent. She now understands that her eyes weren’t working correctly before. She notices a difference in reading fluency and eye control and tracking. We are so proud of her and her hard work and so thankful that she was able to have eye therapy. I can’t wait to see how much more she enjoys school this year after completing her eye therapy!”



Testimony: “In August 2015, Dr. Schneider noticed some concerns with Hannah’s vision beyond what her glasses could correct. Hannah was in the middle of kindergarten, and my wife and I thought it was important to do something to help her as she was beginning to read. We were excited to learn that Dr. Schneider had just begun vision therapy, we signed her up to begin in January 2016. Hannah has just completed her final therapy session and it is obvious that vision therapy was a great choice. Hannah’s eye sight has improved; I’ve noticed that she has been able to maintain focus while we are reading together and she is a much more confident reader. Thank you to Mrs. Phillip, Dr. Schneider, and EyeCare Associates for this wonderful program.”



Testimony: “I am so proud of Izzy and the progress she has made!  She has worked hard with Dr. Schneider and Kylee to meet her goals.  Sometimes it was difficult to want to keep going with the homework, but she never gave up!  It is so great to see her wanting to read again.”

Braylon Peterson


Benjamin Kennedy