Higher UV Exposure

Kids spend a lot of time outside, especially during the summer. According to Essilor, a child’s annual UV exposure is 3 times higher than adults. And since a child’s pupils are larger than adults’ are, they let in more UV light. Over-exposure to UV light can damage a child’s retina, and often leads to prolonged damage to their eyes. Protect them from the elements with Crizal Prevencia Kids lenses or Essilor’s EyeZen lenses. These smart lenses filter out harmful light and let in only the good stuff.

Screen Time

Another potentially harmful light source to children is Blue-Violet light. This light comes from so many things in our lives — sunlight, fluorescent and LED lights and screens, flat screen TVs, computers, smartphones, and other electronics. These all emit some amount of Blue-Violet light. Our eyes are not great at filtering out this light, and a child’s eyes are even more vulnerable to it.

Over exposure to blue light can lead to vision deterioration and loss, eye strain, and other damaging effects. If your child is exposed to these items often (as most are with the invention of the smartphone), select eyewear for them that filters out harmful Blue-Violet light. The latest lenses feature new technology that protects children’s eyes from harmful lighting. They’re stylish, comfortable, and offer the best protection available.

Everyday Glare

Growing children have plenty of distractions in their lives. Glares and reflections shouldn’t be another one they have to deal with. Gone are the days where all we had to worry about was reading the teacher’s handwriting on the blackboard. School items like fluorescent lights, whiteboards, and digital screens cause distractions, eye strains, and overall discomfort for them. Make their days more comfortable and focused with protective anti-glare frames. This technology gives two-way glare protection through the front and back of the lens. You can rest easy knowing your child will be more comfortable at school, with only the usual distractions hindering them.

Durable Through Anything

Speaking of school, are you tired of your child coming home from classes to find that they’ve broken yet another pair of glasses? You’re not alone. Kids are rough on their eyewear because they’re too busy having fun and playing! Essilor Jr. lenses use the latest in materials and have developed their most durable and impact resistant lenses yet. These glasses have a huge advantage over classic plastic lenses because they’re stronger, clearer, and provide more eye health protection for every day!

If your child is a little on the messier side (crafts and playtime are meant to be messy!), you may be tired of seeing their eyewear smudged and dirty. The latest lenses offer a water, fingerprint, and smudge resistant layer to keep lenses clean and beautiful.

Keep your children healthy, growing, and comfortable with the right pair of lenses. You can protect them from harsh elements, everyday factors, and other distractors with the latest in child eyewear technology.